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The artist Kristjan Gudmundsson
Born 1941, Saefelsnes, Iceland.
Lives and works in Reykjavik, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Minimal Art, Carnegie Art Award,

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kristjan gudmundsson
Kristján Guðmundsson has been impressively consistent in his explorations over more than four decades of the terms and foundations of drawing and painting, and how time and dimensions, cause and effect, can be visualised. His Black and White Paintings in Grey and White Frames consist of black and white monochrome paintings that have been placed in custom made grey and white metal frames. A sound-insulating material has again been placed behind the painted canvases, with the effect that the works attain a synaesthetic quality, absorbing the surrounding noise. In these sound-absorbing paintings, he has characteristically, and with a shrewd wink at minimalism, once again merged material and idea into aesthetic objects replete with meaning…

kristjan gudmundsson
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kristjan gudmundsson
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kristjan gudmundsson
In terms of form, Kristján Gudmundsson’s art is characterized by extreme economy, the elimination of everything that is unnecessary. In a sense, strict form turns into content in that he never states anything else than his intention, thus avoiding the problem of which the Finnish artist Juhana Blomstedt once said: "It is not difficult to say what one means; it is difficult to avoid saying what one does not mean."

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