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The artist Kutlug Ataman
Born 1961, Istanbul, Turkey.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Berlin Biennial, Istanbul Biennial, Documenta Kassel, Sydney Biennale,

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kutlug ataman
"Never My Soul" tells stories from the life of a Turkish transsexual also a dialysis patient. She was asked to slip into the role of a star of Turkish cinema and to play herself at the same time…

kutlug ataman

kutlug ataman
Six-screen video installation

Galit Eilat, director of Digital ArtLab, the Israeli Center for Digital Art, interviews Kutlug Ataman at the occasion of the opening of “De-Regulation" in Herzliya, Museum of Contemporary Art.

kutlug ataman
Ataman’s staging creates a cinematic experience, and his work is meant to be experienced as a dynamic movie—sort of a visual surround sound—rather than a single element of a larger installation. He invites his viewer to sit and watch, and rewards with videos of substantial length and depth that often approach the style of a documentary film…

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