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The artist Lani Maestro
Born 1957, Manila, Philippines.
Lives and works in Caen, France and Canada.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sharjah Biennale, Site specific art,

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“We have a fear of not knowing, of things that we do not easily identify and we are always looking for a frame to refer it to. I think my work resists any kind of representation in that it is difficult to speak of the complexities of the world as event. My interest in addressing issues of power relationships in my art practice have become more freeing as I address my own identity as something that is not fixed.”

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Lani Maestro
Picture an art gallery; white walls, natural hardwood floors and tasteful lighting, but instead of canvasses on the walls or sculpture on floors one sees a room filled with several tons of black dirt…

Lani Maestro
After leaving turbulent Philippines, the artist seems to have nurtured flexibility and strength through deeply considering the complexity of differences and her inner self in the process of discovering her own identity. Her introspective, yet poetical and strong expressions have been highly acclaimed internationally. The artist has been invited to numerous international exhibitions.

Lani Maestro
Even Stars Started Small #6

Lani Maestro
Lani Maestro was born in the Philippines in 1957. She came to Canada in 1983 and pursued an MFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in 1989. In that period, Maestro’s work was included in the Segunda Bienal de la Habana in Cuba (1985) where it received the Bienal Prize. Since then, Maestro has received increasing international recognition for her work and she has exhibited widely across the world. Last year, Maestro mounted two exhibitions in Canada, “l’oubli de l’air”, in collaboration with American composer Malcolm Goldstein at the Darling Foundry in Montreal, and “her rain” at the Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art co-organized by Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art…

Lani Maestro
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Lani Maestro

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