Lara Baladi

Lara Baladi | the artist

The artist Lara Baladi
Born 1969, Beirut, Lebanon.
Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography,

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Lara Baladi
Lara Baladi’s Um El Donia back in the streets of Cairo

Lara Baladi
8 pointed star of light-boxes containing saturated colour images produced from x ray photographs of a pregnant doll

Lara Baladi
A work that seeks to redress the neo-Orientalist vision of the Arab world, Lara Baladi’s video is based on a song from a 1930s film called Ismael Yassin in the Mental Hospital that Baladi found playing in a music box in Cairo. Using Japanese Manga cartoons, Arabic and Western music, Baladi offers the viewer a cross-cultural exchange of dynamic imagery…

Lara Baladi interview
Baladi has exhibited her work throughout the Middle East, Europe, Japan and the United States. Her work is included in a number of contemporary art collections including the Fondation Cartier in Paris, the Museet for Fotokunst in Copenhagen and the Pori Art Museum in Finland. She recently partipicated in the 2007 Sharjah Biennial.

Lara Baladi
Wherever Lara Baladi goes, she observes and explores – frenetically accumulating images as she connects to each for an instant. In this way Lara has amassed a huge collection of photographs as well as images she has discovered while travelling. Obsessed with the concept of repetition and its broader application to the cycle of life, she approaches her images in the social and historical contexts from which they are drawn. Still seeking to push the boundaries of traditional forms and presentation, she constantly develops and adapts new media to her subjects…

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