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The artist Lasar Segall
Born 1889, Vilnioes, Litouwen.
Died 1957, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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lasar segall
Biography and work

lasar segall
Caboclas montadas’

lasar segall
<p>In 1919, he takes part in the group secession of Dresden and the museum of Dresden purchases one of his works. That same year, “Memories from Vilno”, an album of lithographies prefaced by Paul Ferdinand Schmidt, is published. In 1920, he helps Marie Wigman to create her dancing school in Dresden. At that time, he meets Paul Klee.<br />
In 1921, he meets Wassily Kandinsky, El Lissitzki, Naum Gabo and Alexander Archipenko. That same year, he publishes an engraving album, “Bubu”, inspired by the book of Charles-Louis Philippe, “Bubu de Montparnasse”. 1923 is the year of his second journey in Brazil where he permanently settles. He is granted Brazilian citizenship and he gets married for the second time with Jenny Klabin, a Brazilian woman today recognized for her translations in Portuguese of Molière and Racine…</p>

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