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The artist Lawrence Beck
Born 1962, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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lawrence beck
Lawrence Beck is an astute observer of cultural codes and methods of scientific containment – he just happens to manifest these observations through photographs of flowers. The initial impact and beauty in his images of sunflowers, tulips, and water lilies, come from the plants themselves as Beck favors a transparent presentation. Hence, he doesn't manipulate his photographs and shoots exclusively in natural light. But aesthetic pleasure is far from being the motive of his works; their easeful gorgeousness operates as a balance to the work's conceptual component.

lawrence beck
Thicket II'

lawrence beck
Lawrence Beck (1962 in New York geboren) konzentriert sich in seinen Photographien auf einen bestimmten Aspekt von Natur, wie er sich weltweit in Botanischen Gärten und Naturparks darbietet…

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