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The artist Leigh Ledare
Born 1976, Seattle, Washington, USA.
Lives and works in New York City, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Greater New York,

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Leigh Ledare
You are nothing to me, You are like air.

Leigh Ledare
A woman with dyed red hair romps on the bed in sheer black lingerie, licking her lips and spreading her legs unabashedly for the camera. The images resemble profile pictures on a swinger’s website, or an amateur porn collaboration between a middle-aged divorcee and her new boyfriend. But in fact, it’s her son behind the camera. The question is whether there’s anything left to discuss beyond the obvious broken taboo and blatant manifestation of Oedipal complex, or whether we dismiss this as exploitation, sensationalism, or a severe case of over-sharing.

Leigh Ledare
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Leigh Ledare
Pretend You’re Actually Alive can be viewed as an archive of a mother and son’s shared, private moments amidst the desperate attempts to renew her identity as a dancer – this time working as a stripper in a club beside her parents’ apartment. Pretend You’re Actually Alive is also a mapping of Ledare’s mother’s efforts to commodify herself – initially through her precocious childhood talent, later through her overt sexuality, and eventually through the portrayal of herself as an archetypal victim – in efforts to find companionship, attention, financial security, and a benefactor before her youthful, marketable currencies expire…

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