Lena Cronqvist

Lena Cronqvist | the artist

The artist Lena Cronqvist
Born 1938, Karlstad, Sweden.
Lives and works in Stockholm and Koster, .
Style and technique of the artist: Carnegie Art Award, Painting,

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Carnegie Art Award
Lena Cronqvist’s oeuvre consists of paintings, drawings and sculptures. Her work has always been highly autobiographical, with psychologically charged images dealing with existential issues, her own experiences and close relationships, themes that are entirely personal but at the same time universal…

Lena Cronqvist
2 Paintings, text in Swedish.

Lena Cronqvist
A young mother sits in her kitchen with her little child in her arms. A day in the suburbs. Outside, people rush by with their shopping in carrier bags. Toppled milk cartons and leftovers fill the windowsill, and the child clasps the mother's throat. Lena Cronqvist has painted a contemporary woman. Despite the mundane kitchen clutter, the young mother is majestically enthroned in mid-picture, as in a Renaissance painting. She has been called a "Suburban madonna…"

Lena Cronqvist
1 Painting, text in Swedish.

Lena Cronqvist
After a career spanning more than 30 years Lena Cronqvist has established herself as one of Sweden’s most celebrated artists. She is primarily known as a painter, but during the 1990s sculpture has increasingly become an important part of her oeuvre. Cronqvist’s art deals with existential themes; her psychologically-charged images are concerned with the life dramas that can be played out within the family…

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