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The artist Lene Berg
Born 1965, Oslo, Norway.
Lives and works in Oslo and Stockholm, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Sydney Biennale, Taipei Biennial,

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Lene Berg
Lene Berg works with video and installations, photography and text. Her work is characterised by a mix of mediums and fictions within the one project, using so-called real persons and events as source material…

Lene Berg
Lene Berg currently lives and works in New York City. She was trained as a filmmaker at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm and combines her filmmaking skills with installation, photography and text based work to explore the role of art in war. She often draws inspiration from documentary material and in recent years has been developing projects in public spaces. In her solo show at Midway Contemporary Art, in Minneapolis (2007), her video The Man in the Background and her publication, Gentlemen and Arseholes, were launched as two parts of one project about art and propaganda during the Cold War…

Lene Berg
Encounter: Gentlemen & Arseholes consists of the first issue of the cultural journal Encounter from 1953, along with a series of supplementary materials that Berg inserted between the original pages. The inserts were collected over a long period, from books, newspapers, private albums, conversations, and so on, and thus vary in their character and form. What they all have in common is that they describe aspects of that which, for various reasons, was never mentioned in Encounter, nor in connection with any of the other undertakings of the sponsor and publisher, the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), among other things who paid the piper and why…

Lene Berg
from Stalin by Picasso

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