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The artist Leonora Carrington
Born Apr 16 1917, Chorley Lancashire, England.
Died May 25 2011, Mexico, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Surrealism,

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leonora carrington
Self-Portrait, ca. 1937–38

Born in 1917 into an upper-middle-class English family, Carrington was headstrong and difficult as a child. At the age of nine, while attending the first of two convent schools, she de- cided she wanted to become a saint and acquire the power of levitation…

leonora carrington
Within her own family, Leonora Carrington was rarely mentioned, the rebel who had run off to be an artist’s model. But when Joanna Moorhead tracked down her long-lost cousin in Mexico, her eyes were opened to the extraordinary story of the last surviving member of the great Surrealists…

leonora carrington
I am an Amateur of Velocipedes’

leonora carrington
Leonora Carrington is one of the most original and visionary British artists and writers of the twentieth century. She is also – and this is surprising when you consider the vividness and breadth of her work – one of the most underrated. Now living and working in Mexico (shortly she’ll be 89 years old), she has never quite slipped the label of Surrealist, and is still, perversely, best known as the ex-debutante wild-child Surrealist muse, the companion of Max Ernst in the late 1930s and early 1940s…

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