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The artist Liam Gillick
Born 1964, Aylesbury, England.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, BritArt, Relational art, Berlin Biennial, Sydney Biennale,

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liam gillick
Liam Gillick has played a central role in the contemporary art scene through numerous collaborations with other artists, writers, architects and designers. Born in 1964, Gillick studied at Goldsmiths College and has exhibited widely across continental Europe and the United States. His practice encompasses many activities including writing, curating, designing and teaching which all overlap to form a complex and multi-layered body of work…

liam gillick
The artist constructs spaces where the viewer can consider the elements of a system which, although often invisible, is in control of our lives. Using a combination of text and installations, Gillick provides documentation of the way social and economic realities are shaped and manipulated.

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liam gillick
Local Discussion Screen, 2001-02

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