Lilly Reich

Lilly Reich | the artist

The artist Lilly Reich
Born 16 June 1885, Berlin, Germany.
Died 14 December 1947, Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Bauhaus, Design,

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Lilly Reich
In 1908, after training to become an industrial embroiderer, Lilly Reich began working at the Viennese workshop of Josef Hoffmann. In 1911, she returned to Berlin and met Anna and Hermann Muthesius. In 1912, she became a member of the Deutscher Werkbund (German Work Federation). In 1920, she became the first female member of its board of directors. She was also a member of the Freie Gruppe für Farbkunst (independent group for colour art) in the same organisation…

Lilly Reich
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Lilly Reich
An Icon of modern classic design, an international symbol of good taste,perhaps the classiest chair you can own.

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