Lindsay Seers

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The artist Lindsay Seers
Born 1966, , England.
Lives and works in London, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Lindsay Seers
The British artist Lindsay Seers' work for the x-room is an installation combining film and architecture. Seers bases her work on archival research, investigations into photographic and filmic technologies and on historic events and artefacts, but alongside this ‘rational’ approach her work is equally governed by the pursuit of chance procedures and connections. She often lets others make selections from material that will determine the development of her work.

Lindsay Seers
I could say that I was in love with her, but it was not in an ordinary sense. I was consumed by her, so that it became painful. I wanted to merge with her entirely, to become her. After the accident the nature of this intense connection with her became much more dangerous for me, as if the things had become polarised and the differences between us became more erratic – swinging violently between attraction and repulsion…

Lindsay Seers
Lindsay Seers has made hundreds of images using her own body as a camera, where her mouth cavity is the camera body and her lips the shutter and the aperture. The photographs she has made with this method are red from the light that passes through the blood of her cheeks; they are framed by her teeth and blurred by her body movement. Her life of being a camera has forced Seers into different character traits including a vampire, a ventriloquist and an alien, which have emerged from the bizarre act of photographing in this embodied way. Her obsessive and peculiar picture taking cannot satisfy her desire to represent experience…

Lindsay Seers
The drama of both personal and collective history becomes the centre of the video presented in a large architectural structure, reminiscent of an old colonial slave fort. In the expressive video the disappearance of Christine intermingles with the history of Seers’ mother and stepfather’s complicity in diamond trade on the Gold Coast, and particularly the voice of Pamela Parkes, the artist’s mother, becomes a significant part of the piece…

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