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The artist Lisa Milroy
Born 1959, Vancouver, Canada.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Printmakers,

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Born in Vancouver, Lisa Milroy flew to Paris to enroll at the Paris-Sorbonne University at age 18. Two years later, she moved to London and studied at the Saint Martin’s School of Art. She had her first solo exhibition as an accomplished artist in 1984, with her artworks on display mostly focusing on still life paintings and abstract art. She won the John Moores Painting Prize five years hence, the award that helped her make her own mark as an artist. Milroy’s accomplishments to date include being hailed as the Slade School of Fine Art’s Head of Graduate Painting, a nominated member of the Royal Academy of Arts, and the appointed Trustee of the Tate Gallery,1  which is one of the major art galleries in the UK.

Girl with Sunglasses 1998 by Lisa Milroy born 1959


The main subjects of Lisa Milroy’s artworks are mostly shoes, clothes, vases, and every day items. But though she is highly identified as a still-life painter, she has several notable landscape paintings and abstract art works under her name as well. Milroy is known for her flair for using positive and negative spaces in her still-life and abstract paintings, as well as putting her subjects in grids, lines, groups, rows, and columns.

Exhibitions and Artworks

From 1983 to 2002, Lisa Milroy figured in different solo and group exhibitions that showcased her talent and artworks. Her famous pieces include ‘Shoes’ (1985), ‘Lightbulbs’ (1988), ‘Finsbury Square’ (1995), ‘Kyoto House’ (1996), ‘African Landscape’ (1997), ‘Elephant’ (1997), Sky (1997), ‘Girl’ (1998), and ‘Girl with Sunglasses’ (1998), among others.2

Shoes 1985 by Lisa Milroy born 1959

Interview and Statements

When Lisa Milroy was featured at The Guardian as Artist of the Week, she stated that she doesn’t want to refer to herself as an artist though her critics claimed that her powerful still-life artworks make her fully deserving of her spot in the many modern art galleries of the world. In the said interview, she also admitted that she’s a frustrated nurse and that she has previously worked as a volunteer who stripes candies for a local hospital during her teenage years. Her weirdest art experience involved painting a dog who is more at ease with the portrait project than she was.3


To view the past and recent works of Lisa Milroy, including her current exhibits and engagements, please visit her official website at

Lightbulb - Lisa Milroy


Some of Lisa Milroy’s best artworks are housed in art galleries while others end up in auction houses and prestigious bidding sites.  If you want to see a copy of Lisa Milroy’s works, posters, catalogs, DVD’s, prints, and similar materials, please check out this eBay page.

Elephant 1997 by Lisa Milroy born 1959





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lisa milroy
Lisa Milroy is an artist concerned more with form in her paintings than with content. She chooses to paint everyday objects but paints them isolated from their original context, unravelling new qualities and meanings and more importantly, a new way of looking at inanimate objects. Her work does not aim to imitate reality in a photographic way…

lisa milroy
Tate Britain.

lisa milroy
Milroy animates inanimate objects to convey a heightened presence, both of what we recognise in the image and of the brush marks themselves. She presents generic rather than individual properties of objects which are rendered in a neutral space against a white background. Despite the objective, even abstract patterning of objects across the canvas, subjective readings are unavoidable and cumulative. Stamps 1988 for example combines the smallness of the scenes depicted with the largeness of the canvas itself. The painting points outwards to experiences of place and travel and inwards to the careful selection and engagement of the collector…

lisa milroy
Lisa Milroy’s paintings are pleasurable and provocative, clear but complex, immediate and yet richly subtle. In 2001 many of her major works were brought together for an important exhibition at Tate Liverpool; this film, the first about her work, was made alongside that show. Her earliest works are depictions of everyday objects: shoes in serried ranks, collections of lightbulbs and household hardware…

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