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The artist Liu Jianhua
Born 1962, Ji'an, Jiangxi Province, China.
Lives and works in Kunming and Jingdezhen, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Sydney Biennale, Installation art,

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Liu Jianhua
"What do you really know about yourself?"

Liu Jianhua
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Liu Jianhua
Since the Sino-Japanese War ended in 1945 China has been free from outside aggressors, and yet it has not ceased to experience waves of upheaval of historical magnitude; sometimes the national fortune goes up with them, other times down. One distinct common thread through the decades has been the incessant erasure of historical memory, whether the memory is near or in the distant past, embedded in custom or learned through indoctrination, by state jurisdiction or through voluntary forgetting; all but the current powers that be are subject to review, and the old invariably gets swept aside when its term is up. This is new China. She is forward looking, and unsentimental about the past. There is a great deal of talk about distant history and periods of glory, but physical remains of what links these to the present have been diligently removed. The sheen of the future-to-be justifies the dusty development sites and traffic jams and monotonous new apartment blocks. For a country that, after decades of ideological fighting, has finally settled down to encourage citizens to mind their personal welfare, this euphoric optimism is understandable. But for those who have been mindful of the incessant loss of cultural heritage through one sweeping political gesture after another, the situation is desperate…

Liu Jianhua
Liu Jianhua, Peng Wei at Plumblossom

Liu Jianhua
dream in conflict' is the first solo show by liu jianhua in italy. the focus of the exhibition is the multifaceted nature of human beings – their dreams, temperament, character, inclinations, desires and weaknesses. works on show include: 'unreal scene' gambling chips and dice are placed one on top of another to form the outline of shanghai. 'the boxing age' is an installation consisting of ceramic boxing gloves inscribed with the names of different countries.'the crown of desire' an enormous, shiny crown sculpture and lastly 'dream' a large installation interpreting the columbia space shuttle disaster…

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