Lofty Nadjamerrek

Lofty Nadjamerrek | the artist

The artist Lofty Nadjamerrek
Born 1926, Western Arnhemland, Australia.
Style and technique of the artist: Traditional Aboriginal Art,

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Lofty Bardayal

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profile of lofty bardayal
Bardayal was born in the stone escarpment country of western Arnhem Land and he lived with his family for many years camping in the rock shelters of the region. As a young man, he was taught by his father how to paint on the walls of the rock shelters. Recent research conducted with Bardayal has resulted in the relocation of these paintings that include hand stencils, images of a kangaroo and emu, some goats, and images of a horse and rider. As a teenager Bardayal travelled south and spent some time working in an early tin mine, worked on cattle stations, as a labourer at army camps during WWII, as a timber-cutter, and as a buffalo shooter. He settled at Oenpelli Mission and in 1969 was encouraged to paint by the mission linguist Peter Carrol and since that time has become a prolific printer. He is now at the forefront of painters at Oenpelli and his works are included in many Australian public collections. His individual brilliance was recognised by his inclusion as one of two artists in the major retrospective exhibition Rainbow, Sugarbag and Moon at the Museum at the Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in 1995…

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