Lordy Rodriguez

Lordy Rodriguez | the artist

The artist Lordy Rodriguez
Born 1976, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines.
Lives and works in Vallejo, CA, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Istanbul Biennial,

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Lordy Rodriguez
<p>Lordy Rodriguez’s works start with a geological source <br />
and the human urge to locate/define oneself by charting <br />
our environment in precise detail. Using the language of <br />
cartography, he makes drawings that go beyond map-<br />
making into abstracted, imaginary terrain…</p>

Lordy Rodriguez
In his new body of work for this exhibition, Rodriguez concludes the last of the “America” series. Here he focuses on issues of identity in regions of the American landscape. Whether it is industry for “Bread Basket” or religion in “Bible Belt,” the artist focuses on what can identify place and those associations that make up a national identity…

Lordy Rodriguez
…The graphic techniques and stylistic conventions of cartography are sometimes used by artists in purely abstract ways as seen in the work of Dan Zeller and Lordy Rodriguez.

Lordy Rodriguez
…The result is a body of work that questions regional and national identity, the history and culture of the US, the relationship the US has with other countries in a global society, and the placement of nonutilitarian art in a utilitarian world. For “Making Our Place,” Rodriguez will create a sitespecific installation expanding on his mapping paintings.

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