Lorenzo Moya

Lorenzo Moya | the artist

The artist Lorenzo Moya
Born 1967, Santiago, Chile.
Lives and works in Santiago, Chile, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Lorenzo Moya
This young painter from Santiago, Chile has developed a style and visual iconography that I find quintessentially Latin. When you view his paintings, you witness surrealistic scenes that appear to be stage sets in the mind…

Lorenzo Moya
His style is quintessentially Latin. Mystical figures are superimposed. Mysterious landscapes and theatrical architecture display seemingly contradictory states of dreaming and reality. His surrealistic scenes serve as stage sets for the mind. Certain objects are recurring – the table with a white linen cloth, the narrow streets with light streaming out from doorways, and outdated ships, planes, or cars, waiting…

Lorenzo Moya
In Chile, Lorenzo Moya (38) belongs to the twenty most leading artists of the new generation.
In most of his paintings we find women in the leading part…

Lorenzo Moya

Lorenzo Moya
Después de la siega, hileras de paja quedan sobre los rastrojos.

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