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The artist Loris Greaud
Born 1979, Eaubonne, France.
Lives and works in Paris and Ho-chi-minh, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Athens Biennale,

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Loris Gréaud
The projects and exhibitions of the French artist Loris Greaud are the fruits of his joint labor with various scientists, engineers, directors, writers, designers. His complicated installations arise as a result of this interdisciplinary collaboration. Their meaning is seen not only in the examination of the characteristics of the used materials but also in the reaction of the viewers. For one of the most interesting themes for Loris Greaud is a person’s private life and his perception of the world.

Loris Gréaud
“ I approach the conception of a piece like a script that would require its own soundtrack, but more precisely a creative process with a given time of elaboration, a team, a working site and tensions. For me this is where one can find the legacy of cinema which is not just a reference point, but a true zone of influence.” – Loris Gréaud

Loris Gréaud
"Tremors Were Forever (end extend / M46 edit)"

Loris Gréaud
“Cognitive fooding laboratory”: eating modified food (cresson saturated of anthocyanin pigments) may allow visitors to expand their nightvision skills… when food is meant to augment cognition…

Loris Gréaud
Sans titre (Une Prophétie)

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