Luis Felipe Noe

Luis Felipe Noe | the artist

The artist Luis Felipe Noe
Born May 26 1933, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Venice Biennale,

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Luis Felipe Noé
‘La anarquía del año XX’ and other works

Luis Felipe Noé
Luis Felipe Noé is undoubtedly Argentina’s most beloved artist. Simultaneously expressive and theoretical, Yuyo, as he is know to everyone in Buenos Aires, produces an endless tornado of mental and physical activity wherever he goes. He started painting back in the 50s, writing books in the 60s, teaching in the 70s, and he’s still going strong at all three of his favorite vocations.

Luis Felipe Noé
El Incendio del Jockey Club. Técnica mixta sobre tela.

Luis Felipe Noé
Where Are We Going? The Present.

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