Lynda Benglis

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The artist Lynda Benglis
Born 1941, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Video,

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lynda benglis
Known for her exploration of metaphorical, biomorphic shapes, Lynda Benglis has balanced abstraction with content and gesture with mass, creating a diverse body of work known for its formal and innovative qualities…

lynda benglis
An eminent sculptor and videomaker for more than three decades, Lynda Benglis produced a pioneering body of feminist video in the 1970s.

lynda benglis
Best known as a highly visible sculptor whose public works dot sites across the United States, Lynda Benglis has also worked extensively in video and has experimented with printmaking, cast paper, painting, drawing, and ceramics. Her work has included labels such as expressionist, feminist, exhibitionist, Pop, funk, minimalist, and post-minimalist…

lynda benglis
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