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The artist Lyonel Feininger
Born July 17 1871, New York, USA.
Died Jan 15 1956, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Bauhaus, Novembergruppe, Documenta Kassel,

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Lyonel Feininger: Photographs 1928-1939. Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956) was 58 years old when he took up photography. He had been a professor at the Bauhaus for almost a decade, and had enjoyed widespread success as a comic artist and painter. Ever open to new pursuits, and inspired by the works of his photographer sons Lux and Andreas and the experimental photography of his Dessau neighbor László Moholy-Nagy, Feininger took up the camera in 1928 and began to explore a variety of avant-garde techniques. This painter of crystalline architectures and landscapes left a legacy of fascinating unsettling images of shop window mannequins and reflections, nocturnal photographs using double exposures and other works. This is the first publication devoted to this little-known body of work. Examining about 70 original prints, it also relates Feininger’s photography to the rest of his extensive oeuvre.
Lyonel Feininger
Lyonel Feininger: At the Edge of the World
. Generously illustrated, this publication features works from throughout Feininger’s diverse career, including his turn-of-the-century satirical illustrations and comics, his carnivalesque Expressionist compositions and crystalline architectural scenes, his whimsical village of hand-carved wooden figures, and his late oils of New York City. The main essay discusses the full breadth of Feininger’s career, tracing his relationship with groups and institutions that defined the development of modern art, including Cubism, the Blaue Reiter, the Blue Four, the Bauhaus, and Black Mountain College. Additional essays focus on facets of Feininger’s work including his comics, his photographs, his musical compositions and their relationship to his visual art, and his reputation in Germany.
Lyonel Feininger: Drawings and Watercolors. 400 Feininger drawings and watercolors from the estate of curator and collector William S. Lieberman, most of which have never before been published. Lieberman appears to have made a point of acquiring Feininger’s more intimate and personal works (as opposed to, say, the murals for which he is so well known), and such works constitute the bulk of this volume. Essayist Peter Nisbet provides entries on individual works, offers perspective on Feininger’s reception in the United States in the decades after his return from Germany in 1937 and suggests directions for an overdue reassessment of his oeuvre.
Playboy: Helmut Newton. Following Playboy’s celebrated fiftieth anniversary Photographs and Cartoons comes an arresting retrospective of Helmut Newton, one of the 20th century’s most influential photographers. Renowned for his carefully composed, almost cinematic shots, Newton’s signature style makes for a dramatic counterpoint to the Playboy nudes known the world over. Collected between shimmering metallic covers are more than 150 color and black and white photographs. Here we see Newton’s take on Playmates in Los Angeles, Nastassja Kinski playing out a fantasy with a doppelgnger doll, a Lolita-esque travelog, and more. With a foreword by Hugh M. Hefner, an introduction by celebrated writer Walter Abish, and an afterword by Playboy’s director of photography for the past 30 years, Gary Cole, Playboy: Helmut Newton is the definitive book of Newton nudes.


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Lyonel Feininger: At the Edge of the World
Born and raised in New York, Lyonel Feininger (1871–1956) moved at the age of sixteen to Germany, where he became one of the leading practitioners of German Expressionism and the Bauhaus. In the late 1930s, when the Nazi campaign against modern art forced him to flee back to New York after an absence of fifty years, his marriage of abstraction and recognizable imagery made him a beloved artist in the United States. Long acknowledged as a major figure of the Bauhaus, Feininger is renowned for his romantic, crystalline paintings of architecture and seascapes. Less well known are the whimsical aspects of his work: his pioneering Chicago Sunday Tribune comic strips; his figurative, Expressionist compositions; his photographs; and his miniature hand-carved wooden figures and buildings, known as City at the Edge of the World. This retrospective is the first in Feininger’s native country in more than forty-five years, and the first ever to include the full breadth of his art…

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