M. H. Baillie Scott

M. H. Baillie Scott | the artist

The artist M. H. Baillie Scott
Pseudonym: (Mackay Hugh)
Born Oct 23 1865, Beards Hill, St. Peter's, near Ramsgate, Kent, UK.
Died Febr 10 1945, Brighton, .
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Art and Crafts Movement,

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m h baillie scott
Baillie Scott's architectural endeavors often served as vessels for his interior decorative items, creating a homogenous space that worked harmoniously; Morris's ideals of an artist's involvement in the creation of an object beginning at its inception…

m h baillie scott
Windermere – Blackwell – The Arts and Crafts House

m h baillie scott

m h baillie scott
Baillie Scott is famous for his architecture, interior designs and involvement with the Arts and Crafts movement…

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