Malick Sidibe

Malick Sidibe | the artist

The artist Malick Sidibe
Born 1936, Soloba, Mali.
Lives and works in Bamako, Mali, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Hasselblad Award,

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Golden Lion 52nd Venice Biennial 2007

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Le Faux Marin
Internationally-renowned Malian photographer Malick Sidibé opened his legendary and still-thriving Studio Malick in 1962 in Bamako, Mali, where he continues to live and work…

malick sidibe
Malick Sidibe was above all the photographer of the 1960s in Bamako. His reporting on the everyday life of Malian youth will remain a major record of a time of relaxing social mores which corresponded to a period of political change.

malick sidibe

malick sidibe
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malick sidibe
He decorated the "Photo Service" store of Gerard Guillat, also known as "Gégé la Pellicule", who offered him a job as his apprentice. That's how he got started in photography in 1956. He opened the "Studio Malick" in I958 in the centre of Bamako in Bagadadji, on 30th Street, Corner I9, where he still prints his portraits today and repairs cameras…

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