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The artist Manolo Valdes
Born 1942, Valencia, Spain.
Lives and works in New York and Valencia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Printmakers,

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Manolo Valdés
Portrait of a Woman

Manolo Valdés
…Valdés needs an art-historical model as his inspiration for the creation of a new,
completely autonomus work of art. Valdés needs the challenge of
a masterpiece of the past, and this is possible only through adirect
confrontation with the original. Illustrations in a book and other reproductions
may of course serve him as an aide-mémoire, but they lack the aura of the original.
"Every time I enter the Prado", says the artist,
"I discover new possiblities for my work."

Manolo Valdés is one of the few artists today who has successfully mastered the disciplines of drawing, painting, sculture and printmaking…

Manolo Valdés Bench
Just after being invited to participate in the bench project, Valdes visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Then he went to a park bench, put down his bag, took off his hat and, as the bench reflects so well, was inspired…

La 'emoción' de Manolo Valdés
Se muestra al pintor, al escultor, al dibujante y al constructor de objetos difíciles

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