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The artist Marcel Broodthaers
Born Jan 28 1924, Brussel, Belgium.
Died Jan 28 1976, Cologne, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Conceptual Art,

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marcel broodthaers
Broodthaers worked as a writer, poet, filmmaker, photographer, journalist and visual artist. As Broodthaers himself said, he would rather have put off the choice of profession untul his death. Language as a symbol that conveys meaning is a central theme in his texts, objects, installations, films, photographs, slide projections and print…

marcel broodthaers
13 Works in the Tate collection

marcel broodthaers
Originally a surrealist poet, Marcel Broodthaers founded a fictitious museum, the Musée d'Art Moderne, Département des Aigles, through which he organized exhibitions, publications, and films. Broodthaers was among the first artists to question the role of the institution, display, and text in an art object's reception…

marcel broodthaers
The first substantial British showing of Marcel Broodthaers’ art since the Tate Gallery retrospective in 1980 begins near the end: L’Entrée de l’exposition (Exhibition Entrance, 1974), 21 potted Kentia palms that turn the Milton Keynes Gallery’s foyer incongruously tropical, dates from two years before the Belgian artist succumbed to liver disease on his 52nd birthday…

marcel broodthaers
Works in the MOMA collection

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