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The artist Marco Bettoni
Born March 22 1959, Bergamo, Italy.
Lives and works in London UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Photography,

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The artist lives and works in London. Marco Bettoni’s
works, inspired by the artist’s visits to Japan, are photographic
studies of urban lights presented in the form of large-scale prints and
glowing light-boxes.

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Marco Bettoni
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Platform, London
The works offers movement and repose…And
it is there, suspended in a moment of time,
that the work is absorbed in the expectation of the creation of a place
where a human may dwell poetically. The forms immersed in a play of
light and shade express the idea of quietness. It sets itself up as the
horizon, as a screen that alludes to a potential space. It is an
apparition which gives to things
without a name the property of form and to the image a language with
which it may
recount it's own shadows.

Marco Bettoni

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