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The artist Margi Geerlinks
Born 1970, Kampen, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Rotterdam, NL, .
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Photography,

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Margi Geerlinks manipulates her images by computer, but the alterations are always minimal. The basis for her work is the staging of the picture. Her latest pieces show a process of creation: from a simple piece of knitting the little legs of a child appear. Innocently, the mother continues knitting. She appears unaware of the results of her diligence.

margi geerlinks
Human skin performs a strange function: bounding on all sides the space between the inside and the outside of the body, folding up against itself, stretching outward, and over time forming an indexical record of both the internal and external processes that make it grow, regenerate, and ultimately wrinkle. Dutch artist Margi Geerlinks reveals its special connection to both the self and the passage of time by creating and reconstructing the surface of the body with digitally manipulated color photographs…

margi geerlinks

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