Margriet Smulders

Margriet Smulders | the artist

The artist Margriet Smulders
Born 1955, Bussum, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Nijmegen, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Margriet Smulders
In recent years, the expressive artist/photographer Margriet Smulders has devoted herself to the creation of family and self-portraits, photographic floral portraits and photography assigments…

Margriet Smulders
Margriet Smulders makes baroque, carefully arranged still-lifes from flowers and fish, in which she also often makes use of glass, mirrors and cloth…

Margriet Smulders
Margriet Smulders (Bussum 1955) werd in eerste instantie bekend door series als "Selfportraits' (1985) en 'Maternit√©' (1988 – 1994) waarin ze ironisch commentaar leverde op zichzelf als sexobject en later op haar rol als moeder…

Margriet Smulders
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Margriet Smulders
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