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The artist Maria Pask
Born 1969, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, skulptur projekte munster,

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Maria Pask
With the working title Beautiful City, Maria Pask’s project involves a public platform from which experts of various religions present their respective religious beliefs in response to a series of questions the artist put to them beforehand. In allusion to the metaphor contained in the song “Beautiful City” from the musical Godspell (1971), the artist intends to explore the idea of a new type of city built not of walls and towers, but of visionary ideas, morals, and mutual trust…

Maria Pask
Maria, in your videos you often force yourself to undergo something – an action – but at the same time the videos don’t appear forced. They seem very direct and uncontrived…

Maria Pask

Maria Pask
Amsterdam-based Maria Pask is known for her project-based work. She investigates collective creativity, empowerment and the position of the individual in the community. Working with social structures, she employs a broad array of methods ranging from sculpture and film to workshops, publications, live performances and events. Her work often has a strong social and collaborative element reminiscent of radical movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Maria Pask: Déjà vu is support by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, FONDS BKVB, Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam and Oxford City Council’s South East Area Committee…

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