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The artist Mariah Robertson
Born 1975, , USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Printmakers,

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Mariah Robertson
I never dust the negatives anymore. I am trying to layer several techniques onto one image to make an 'impossible image." For example, I enlarge a negative onto part of the photo paper and then another part onto a contact print, and then simultaneously onto a photogram. Really, the thing in the end is not an illustrative story telling image, but evidence of the guts of the process of making photographic images. The technical manipulations are all strategies and techniques inherent to the world of photography. Letís take photography and consider it as a science experiment with a given set of rules and factors. By using and violating and reinterpreting the rules of this closed sphere, we can use it like a bit of a test case for applied independent thinking and problem solving in general. The goal is to question all the received logic and wisdom and find a fresher, less limited way to think…

Mariah Robertson
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Mariah Robertson
I would say that I'm not trying to convey anything by the images themselves-that these are the few plucked from the many results generated by simple processes. These processes being limitations, to use certain techniques and equipment that you could classify as old, antiquated, sub-professional, and importantly from the an age of extinction: films, chemistries, and equipment are being discontinued. Even Kodak stopped making black-and-white paper. Other companies like Fuji and Ilford have pledged to never stop making certain products, but it's a dire situation. It's like standing on the polar ice cap watching it melt around you…

Mariah Robertson

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