Mariele Neudecker

Mariele Neudecker | the artist

The artist Mariele Neudecker
Born 1965, , Germany.
Lives and works in United Kingdom, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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Mariele Neudecker
Internationally recognised for her atmospheric reproductions of landscapes within glass vitrines, Mariele Neudecker uses sculpture, film and photography to create a sometimes playful frisson between historical cultural representations of the sublime landscape and our perception, imagination and memory of the reality of experience…

Mariele Neudecker

Mariele Neudecker
Jokohama Triennale

One Thing Leads to Another
Mariele Neudecker plays with our perceptions, distorting dimensions and scale to create sublime landscapes and a version reality slightly different from our own…

Mariele Neudecker
My work is attempting to challenge conventional ways of seeing and re-considers the dichotomy between nature and culture. The ideas underpinning my work grew out of a process of collecting images and concepts of predominantly Northern European Romantic Ideas – mingled with a desire to undermine and dissect those concepts. The use of technology in the work enables and destroys records of fiction and fact – in return science and technology become vehicles for the Sublime…

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