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The artist Marinus Boezem
Born 1934, Leerdam, Netherlands.
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Land and Environmental,

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marinus boezem
The idea for De Groene Kathedraal (The Green Cathedral), a project by Marinus Boezem (Leerdam, 1934) stems from 1978. Boezem wanted to realize this landart project in an artificial landscape, in which changes in time and space are clearly visible. The polder to the south of Almere proved to be a good spot. In April 1987 the project was begun and 178 Italian poplars were planted in the form of an outline of Notre Dame of Reims…

marinus boezem
Boezem 3D Atelier

marinus boezem
De Groene Kathedraal

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