Mario Rizzi

Mario Rizzi | the artist

The artist Mario Rizzi
Born 1962, Barletta, Italy.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Installation art, Istanbul Biennial, Taipei Biennial,

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mario rizzi
<p>According to Nicolas Bourriaud, relational aesthetics is the most reliable form to comprehend modalities and functions of contemporary art, which evolve and modify in accordance with the historical and social contexts and are not an unchangeable entity, as it is sometimes believed. To create a relation among different people and worlds may imply an intimate <br />
minimalist approach to reality…</p>

mario rizzi
…"The project is not just about only the passion of Sabina, it is about what is the passion for you, the public, and in which way you experience it," Rizzi explains.

mario rizzi
Art makes it happen’

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