Mario Schifano

Mario Schifano | the artist

The artist Mario Schifano
Born Sept 20 1934, Homs, Libya.
Died Jan 26 1998, Rome, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Schifano Mario

Schifano Mario
A radical figure who considered painting to be the true frontier of the avant-garde, Schifano was one of the few European artists included in the “New Realists” exhibition at Sidney Janis Gallery in 1962, the groundbreaking international survey of contemporary Pop and related movements. However, aside from this early exposure in New York, Schifano and his work remain relatively unknown in this country…

Schifano Mario
Leptis – I was born here – 1934

Schifano Mario
Mario Schifano was born in 1934 in Homs, Libya, and arrived in Rome with his family in the post-war years. He had little vocation for academic studies, and began work restoring ceramics (learning the trade from his father, an archaeologist and restorer) and drawing up plans of tombs for the Valle Giulia Etruscan Museum…

Schifano Mario
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