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The artist Mark Tobey
Born 1890, Wisconsin, USA.
Died 1976, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Documenta Kassel,

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mark tobey
Biography and work

mark tobey
Mine are the Orient, the Occident, science, religion, cities, space, and writing a picture.

mark tobey
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mark tobey
In his work, Tobey focused on man, nature, God, unity and equilibrium. He used space as a theme as well as an illusion of painting. It represented the place we live everyday, the blanket of atmosphere surrounding the Earth, and the “inner space” conceived by the mind. Tobey reacted against the post-Cubistic ideas of his time of depicting a recognizable image within a definable space and instead advocated the integration of object and space in a “unified field image.” Tobey is famous for his white writing paintings which cover the surface of an abstract field of color made up of thousands of brushstrokes…

Northwest Drift
After studying calligraphy in China and Japan, Tobey developed a technique of painting with rapid brushstokes, which he called ‘white writing’…

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