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The artist Markus Amm
Born 1969, Stuttgart, Germany.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Collage,

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Markus Amm
In his Untitled series, Markus Amm revives the technique of the photogram. Pioneered as an art form by Man Ray and Moholy Nagy (the latter of which coined the term “photogram”), the process utilises rudimentary photograph principles: objects are placed on a photosensitive surface, and briefly exposed to light to create an abstracted ‘x-ray’ image, an inverted shadow outline of suggestive form…

Markus Amm
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Markus Amm

Markus Amm
Amm works in a variety of media including painting, collages, sculpture and photographic works. The works on display in the exhibition Finding Neverland form a wall installation consisting of three large painted, collaged and drawn geometric abstract pictures in combination with black and white luminograms that trace a clear lineage to the early 20th Century Modernism…

Markus Amm
…In his work, the core composition is the result of elementary shapes such as circles, triangles and rectangles, intertwined with parallel and crossing lines, which in turn fragment and splinter these very shapes. In comparison, his meticulous choices on colour and treatment of the surfaces are significantly varied between the works…

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