Martijn Veldhoen

Martijn Veldhoen | the artist

The artist Martijn Veldhoen
Born 1962, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Martijn Veldhoen
To go is a verb that refers to a movement, without being specific about its nature. Walking,driving or floating, for example, are much clearer in this respect; they describe the movement as something that is connected to the body. In ‘Momentum’, as viewer, we go in one slow movement through a sequence of spaces…

Martijn Veldhoen
In Momentum the viewer follows the camera on its path through a series of different places. Fragments of language, architecture, light and atmosphere refer to Italy. From a dark corridor, we stride through an iron gate that is swinging open onto a sunny street, and then effortlessly penetrate a window on the opposite side – as Veldhoen’s work leaves the realm of filmed reality and seems to switch to animation…

Martijn Veldhoen
Forward is a poetical reflection on the progressive thinking of western culture. Along with a stream of associative images a voiceover asks questions about the meaning of evolutionary and cultural progress, but gives no answers…

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