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The artist Martin Boyce
Born 1967, Hamilton, Scotland, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, skulptur projekte munster, Turner Prize,

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martin boyce
Concrete Autumn (Dead Leaves. No Ground)2006

martin boyce

martin boyce
Sculptor Martin Boyce, the third Turner Prize winner in a row to emerge from Glasgow, says he tries to capture the beauty in unloved everyday places. The sculptural work of Martin Boyce refers both to a physical, urban landscape and to a visionary one that is yet to exist. He often borrows from Modernist design history, from archetypes of certain periods that evoke an idea of democratic utopia, from a collective memory of mass-produced design…

martin boyce
Typically, Boyce’s work relates to and transforms the space around it, creating atmospheric, sculptural art inspired by modernist design history, which it often directly quotes…

martin boyce
Works in the Tate collection

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