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The artist Martin Jacobson
Born 1978, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.
Style and technique of the artist: Sydney Biennale, Venice Biennale, Installation art,

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Martin Jacobson
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Martin Jacobson
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Martin Jacobson
In the body of work entitled Compositions (2006), Martin Jacobson has worked with an investigative account of attributes and symbols which have been consistently used in the portrayal of women through the ages. The moon has figured as the ultimate symbol in connection with woman while the sun has been linked with man. The clearest example of this notion is to be found in Greek mythology in the figures of the sun-god Apollo and the moon-goddess Artemis who were fraternal twins. The sun is an active, energy-creating heavenly body while the moon is a fossil planet which reflects the radiance of the sun like a mirror. In Europe, at about the turn of the previous century, the moon turned up everywhere in art and literature as a symbol for woman. Women were portrayed in front of round mirrors, in and above water, in the moonlight, veiled, sleeping, sick or dead. How are these attributes and symbols used today and how close to the original idea are contemporary media and advertising images of women?

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