Martti Aiha

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The artist Martti Aiha
Born 1952, Pudasjarvi, Finland.
Lives and works in Fiskars, Finland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Martti Aiha
Overall, Martti Aiha notes that he always needs a tangible topic as his point of departure. It is this that sets the mood for the piece. What remains in the finished work is often just this: an intense and instinctive personal experience. At the same time, Aiha’s work strongly exhibits the ornamental, flame-like living shape that has become his trademark – like the individual brushstroke of the artist…

Martti Aiha
Text, in Finnish or Norwegian, but with beautiful images

Martti Aiha
Sculpture 'Rumba'

Martti Aiha
"Eight Points"

Martti Aiha
Sivullinen, 1999, rauta

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