Mary Beth Edelson

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The artist Mary Beth Edelson
Born 1935, , USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Land and Environmental, Performance Art,

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mary beth edelson
Edelsons art production consists of a hybrid of diverse mediums including; photo based work, painting, sculpture, drawing, performance, silk screen, artists´ books, posters, fabric works, collages, story-gathering boxes, video and installation…

mary beth edelson

mary beth edelson

mary beth edelson
“The self-analyzing processes that these women employ to turn information into knowledge and wisdom is evidenced in their conversations. Each of these extraordinary women is very present in their own lives and the story of that life is clear to them. This awareness is articulated through their activism, analysis and commitment in the world around them”. -Edelson..

mary beth edelson
Mary Beth Edelson has been a pioneer of the Feminist Art movement in the United States since the early 1970s. Her performances, paintings, and collages have relentlessly explored the role of women in society and challenged dominant patriarchal values. Born in 1933 in diverse East Chicago, IN, Edelson’s creativity and activism were fostered early on by her community-driven parents. In 1955, during her senior-year exhibition at DePauw University, outraged faculty members requested her work to be pulled from the show because it was deemed “degrading and an affront to ministers and small children.” Campus-wide protests ensued thus beginning a career whose hallmark would be controversy…

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