Maryanne Amacher

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The artist Maryanne Amacher
Born Febr 25 1943, Kane, PA, USA.
Died Oct 22, 2009, , USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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composer of sound installations

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Maryanne Amacher
Our ears act as instruments in responding to music, sounding their own tones in addition to the music in the room, like another instrument joining the orchestra. Neuroanatomy responds and gives shape to the most subtle traces of acoustic information. We hear tones other than the given acoustic toes taking their shape inside our ears, as the membrane vibrates in response to the given acoustic tones…

Maryanne Amacher
With three tape recorders and a huge set of speakers spread out around a darkened room, she used immense volume to make sound feel liquid, all-enveloping, as if it were pouring into ears, between fingers and through hair. Ms. Amacher layered her noises – buzzing tones wrapped in sandstorm textures, rumblings like faraway thunder storms late at night, an idling motorcycle, jets swooping by – into an apocalyptic, terrifying landscape…

Maryanne Amacher
The music world lost one of its most bizarre characters today, and I say that with the utmost affection. Maryanne Amacher was an amazing composer of sound installations, who occasionally taught courses at Bard. I first encountered her in 1980 at New Music America in Minneapolis. She had, as was her wont, fitted an entire house with loudspeakers, and the staff was in a state of jitters because at opening time she was still obsessively running around and changing things…

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