Massimo Bartolini

Massimo Bartolini | the artist

The artist Massimo Bartolini
Born 1962, Cecina, Italy.
Lives and works in Cecina, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Photography, Sculpture Objects, Venice Biennale,

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Massimo Bartolini
Massimo Bartolini’s work embraces various materials and techniques, from sculpture and performance to photography. His works have included an elevated floor that created the impression of distorted space; an installation in which a device on the heel of a visitor’s shoes altered the light in the exhibition space; and rooms suffused with perfume and the sound of leaking water…

Massimo Bartolini
A disused warehouse in Birmingham plays host to Massimo Bartolini’s spatial interventions, which are created for the “individual” viewer’s experience. Yet, unlike other pieces which have been restricted by one entry at a time, you have free reign over the work that aims to disturb your perceptions…

Massimo Bartolini
Circles, spheres and circularity characterised this exhibition of new works by acclaimed Italian artist Massimo Bartolini. This installation was unsettling and conducive to reflection, familiar yet shot through with incongruity. Sphere closely resembled a court for the French game of boules…

Massimo Bartolini
…The work, called Jewel Casket, simultaneously effects an inversion: the walls, floors and ceiling lose their function as the packaging of a space and are now themselves wrapped in jewels?. The place where the works of the artists more usually stand is suddenly ruled by calm that is ensconced in an almost kitschy beauty.

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