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The artist Massimo Campigli
Pseudonym: (Max Hilenfeld)
Born July 4 1895, Berlin, Germany.
Died 1971, , Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Documenta Kassel, Printmakers,

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massimo campigli
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massimo campigli
As a young man Campigli was briefly involved with the Futurist movement in Milan, publishing a ‘words in freedom’ poem in the magazine Lacerba. In 1919 he moved to Paris and taught himself to paint, being inspired by the work of Picasso and L├ęger. From 1926 Campigli exhibited with the Novecento group and developed links with the Italiani di Parigi, an association of artists which included Alberto Savinio, Gino Severini and Filippo de Pisis..

massimo campigli
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