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The artist Mat Collishaw
Born 1966, Nothingham, United Kingdom.
Lives and works in London UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, BritArt,

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mat collishaw
Wilhelm & Ingrid'

mat collishaw
"I live on a very busy little street. Daytimes are a mixture of passing traffic, and recovering alcoholics from the centre next door. The vans and trucks onload and offload boxes of merchandise, the soaks roll around on the pavement or fight like toddlers until the police arrive… This is the ebb and flow of the little street I call Heaven."

mat collishaw
When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' and other works

mat collishaw
The most recent installations of Mat COLLISHAW for Cosmic Galerie take the form of video projections on old furniture resembling a neo-Victorian interior. If these objects essentially belong to the realm of the inanimate and the perennial, the principle and the content of the videos are linked to a contemporary universe, to life and its fragility…

mat collishaw, saatchi gallery
Central to Mat CollishawÂ’s work are the themes of illusion and desire, which he uses to draw us into an arena where every-day conventions are broken down and questioned.

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