Matthew Buckingham

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The artist Matthew Buckingham
Born 1963, Nevada, Iowa, USA.
Lives and works in New York City, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Matthew Buckingham
In Buckingham’s installations, he often works with the traditional narrative of an area, such as the Hudson River Valley or rural New Hampshire, and recreates it as one way to uncover necessary facts about the past but also the apparatus that hones and structures history…

Matthew Buckingham
For Buckingham, each work is the springboard for nothing less than an historical investigation. He seeks out ancient sources as well as the way in which publications have reported the event in the course of history. He chooses situations which retain an extreme topicality. Matthew Buckingham’s work may be fuelled by an important theoretical basis, but it matters to him to come up with installations whose scope is based on textual experience as much as imagery and space. Understanding, representation, and physical experience are all worked in such a way as to lend substance to thoughts and events…

Matthew Buckingham
Through his use of space, settings, and narration Buckingham’s films typically focus on the connections among the past, present, and future by creating works that place the viewer, intellectually and physically, in all three time periods at once. His use of space plays a key role in the viewing experience. Working mainly with film, but also with photography, slide projection, text, and audio, Buckingham investigates history and representation, scrutinizing different forms of narrative…

Matthew Buckingham
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Matthew Buckingham
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