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The artist Matthieu Laurette
Born 1970, Villeneuve St Georges, France.
Lives and works in Paris and New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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matthieu laurette
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matthieu laurette
La vidéo qui accueille le visiteur le rend complice d’un canular. The Louisiana Repo-Purchase, micro-trottoirs tournés en Nouvelle-Orléans, met en scène une fausse journaliste aux questions irréalistes…

matthieu laurette
Interview with the artist

matthieu laurette
Laurette’s ‘studio’ is what could be called the ‘commercial public space’: the supermarket, the press, television, etc., in short, any zone where interest or need is marketed…

matthieu laurette
(…) "I feel like any word added to "art" is just usually unnecessary sub categories (i.e Young British Art, video art, social art, performance art, body art, land art, fax art, eat art, noodle art etc…and maybe why not still to come spaceship art or iPod art! Who knows? The list is endless…). The point according to me is more whether it is interesting art or not, whether it is relevant art or not. Anyway of course it is easy to answer that all art is inherently political, which I hope would be always true. When I hear "political art" I must admit I usually think it is going to be patronizing. I wish it could provide more often tools one could use to think and would transgress more limits and reach different audiences. I€™m more interested in artists that have a social and political conscience at work than in-your-face 'political art'! (…)"

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