Mattia Bonetti

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The artist Mattia Bonetti
Born 1953, Lugano, Switzerland.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Design,

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Mattia Bonetti
Mattia Bonetti is well known for his extraordinary contribution to contemporary design, which is characterized by a unique combination of materials, forms and stylistic influences. His designs and environments are often described as tangible manifestations of a dream, cleverly combining primitivism and refinement with function and ornament. In this playful synthesis of opposites, he creates a tension between naturalism and the prescriptions of modernism…

Mattia Bonetti
Mattia Bonetti, a well known Swiss-born, Paris-based designer. Bonetti produces functional tables, cabinets, dressers and lamps but not according to any consistent personal style. Each piece is a campy, glossy take on one or another familiar aesthetic. Bonetti's work lightly straddles or falls through the gap between art and design is the question. It's too superficially clever to work as art and too formally various to be persuasive as good design…

Mattia Bonetti
Swiss-born, Paris-based designer Mattia Bonetti once described himself as a ‘troublemaker turned traditionalist’. Working with his then partner Elisabeth Garouste, the pair carved out quite a name for themselves in the art/design market during the late 1970s to late 1990s with dazzling creations in a style sometimes condemned as ‘barbaric’…

Mattia Bonetti
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