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The artist Max Ackermann
Born Oct 5 1887, Berlin, Germany.
Died Nov 14 1975, Unterlengenhardt/Schwarzwald, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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max ackermann
Subsequently Ackermann studied first under Richard Müller at the Dresden Academy of Art, and then in Franz von Stuck’s painting class in Munich. There he first saw paintings by Hans von Marées, whose art proved to be a strong influence on his own work. In 1912 he moved to the Stuttgart Academy, where he became acquainted with Adolf Hölzel and his circle of artist friends…

max ackermann

max ackermann
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max ackermann
Born in 1887 in Berlin, Ackermann began carving wood figures and modeling ornaments in his father’s studio at a young age. By age 19 he was pupil of the Belgian painter Henri van de Velde in Weimar. In 1908 he studied at the Art Academy in Dresden, and in 1909 and 1910 he was a student of Franz von Stuck in the Art Academy of Munich. His first one-man show was held in Stuttgart in 1924, and in 1928 he shared a collective show with Kandinskty and George Grosz…

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